Polio Outbreak – London

Public Health Messages (as of 6th Sept 2022)


  • No cases of polio have been reported to date and for the majority of the population, who are fully vaccinated, the risk is low.


  • In order to track possible spread of the poliovirus outside of London we are expanding the sewage sampling to targeted higher risk areas. (Surrey is not included in the high risk areas-Brighton and Hove is the nearest site outside London).


  • It is vital parents across the country check their children are fully vaccinated for their age.


  • For those working at Sewage Treatment Works, the advice is the same as that for the general public – staff should check that they are up to date with their routine vaccinations and if they are not up to date or are not sure they should contact their GP practice to catch up as soon as possible.



Sunbury Health Centre Patients:


  • Any child who is missing primary vaccination, or overdue a booster should contact the practice and will be booked in for vaccination with the nurse
  • Children who are up to date with their vaccinations do not need to have an additional booster


  • The plan within Surrey is to encourage families to make sure their child’s vaccination record is up to date