Flu Information – 65 and Over

Patients who are age 65+

This year your Flu vaccine will be provided at one of the vaccination Hubs in Walton, Staines or Chertsey at the same time as your Covid Booster vaccination.

We are following government/NHS advice that administering Flu and COVID-19 vaccines in the same appointment will allow more efficient use of resources and a better service for patients, as well as potentially helping to improve uptake of both vaccines.

Invitations for Covid booster and Flu vaccines are being rolled out in the same groups as the original Covid vaccinations, and can only be given if you have reached 6 months (180 days) after your 2nd Covid vaccination.

You will receive a text invitation link from ‘GP Surgery’ to book an appointment at one of our local sites when you reach the 6th month anniversary of your 2nd Covid vaccination.

Information last updated 15th October 2021.