Changes to GP Services as a result of the accelerated COVID-19 Booster Programme

Following the government announcement on Sunday 12th December regarding the need to rapidly accelerate the COVID-19 booster campaign, we wanted to let you know about how this will be affecting our services between now and the end of the month.

As you will have heard from the recent media coverage, our staff, along with those of all GP practices across the country, will be focusing much of our attention to support the vaccination effort.

If you already have a booked appointment, unless you hear from us, your appointment will continue as planned.

If we need to change anything we will make direct contact with you.

If you have a request which is not urgent, please can we ask you to hold off from contacting us until the New Year.

To manage the demand for our services we are currently having to pause the website appointment request forms until the New Year

We would urge patients who feel they need urgent support from the practice to continue to contact us by phone – 01932 713399

Website forms other than for appointment requests are still available to use.

Thank you for your support whilst we focus much of our attention on supporting the vaccination efforts