22.10.2021 – Message To Patients

Dear Patients,

Covid and Flu vaccines this year are being carried out at the NICS vaccination sites in Walton, Staines & Chertsey and not at the practice.

We are experiencing a very high demand in phone calls, website enquiries and visits to our reception desk relating to both the Covid Booster vaccine & the Flu vaccination.

The rise in phone calls to Sunbury Health Centre with questions about covid & flu vaccinations means that patients who are unwell and require our help are unable to get through to us without a significant wait – which is frustrating for everyone.

When you are due for your covid booster, which cannot be earlier than 180 days (6 months) after your 2nd covid vaccination, you will be contacted by NICS either by text, or if you do not have a mobile phone, by telephone with an invitation. You will receive the flu vaccination in the same appointment.

If you are eligible for the flu vaccine on the NHS, but will not reach 6 months after your 2nd covid vaccination until next year OR if you have already had your covid booster but did not receive your flu vaccination please contact the NICS flu booking line on: 0300 561 1715.

Please be aware this flu phone line may be busy, and we ask that you remain patient.

Please note, if you visit a national booking site and not the local NICS sites for your Covid booster, you will be unable to receive your flu vaccination at the same time.

Thank you to those patients who continue to  support us through this difficult time.