Minor Surgery and Ear Microsuction

Minor Surgery

We now hold Minor Surgery Clinics at Sunbury Health Centre.

Please see any of our GP’s to be referred to the clinic. You will then be contacted by one of our health care assistants to arrange an appointment.

Before you attend your appointment for your surgery you will need to read and follow the guidance in the pre-op leaflet.

Ear Microsuction

Medical developments with regard to wax removal from ear canals are resulting in an increasing number of GP surgeries moving away from offering ear syringing in favour of microsuction.

New microsuction procedures show that this is a superior way of removing wax from ears and doesn’t require pressurised water syringing.

If you would like to use our ear microsuction service, please book a microsuction appointment.

You will be booked into a 10 minute appointment with our Nurse, who will assess your requirements by checking your ears.

If microsuction is suitable for you, you will be provided with guidance on pre-procedure care and then booked into our microsuction clinic.

The appointments within the microsuction clinic are for 30 minutes.

You do not need to see a GP to check your ears. Our nursing staff are the right clinicians for this condition.

Before you attend your appointment for microsuction you will need to read and follow the guidance in the pre-procedure leaflet: Ear Microsuction – Pre-procedure Guidance.